Rack 1.5 to 3.0 kVA

PersonalSource™ Rugged COTS,
Configurable Rackmount UPS
1500 VA, 2000 VA and 3000 VA

True On-Line Design

RS232 Communications
Input Power Factor Correction Site Wiring Fault indicator
Built-in Surge Protection Green Mode Operation
Microprocessor Control &  Communications Compatible with generators
Compact size, lightweight Optional internal SNMP/HTTP
Wide input voltage window Optional Extended Battery Time
High Efficiency Optional Frequency Conversion
Over crest ratio indicator  

PersonalSource Rugged COTS Rackmount 600 to 3000 VA Front View

PersonalSource Rugged COTS Rackmount 600 to 3000 VA Rear View

True On-line Design

A recent Bell Laboratories study indicates that blackouts account for less than 5% of power disturbances. The other 95% consist of surges, noise, sags and brownouts. Equipment connected to utility power experiences an average of 128 such events each month. These events can disrupt proper operation of sensitive computer based equipment, decreasing productivity and creates unnecessary production, service and data recovery costs.

A True On-line UPS is the only design that can provide the maximum protection against major power problems. This is accomplished through converting the incoming AC utility voltage to a DC voltage. From this DC voltage, an AC voltage is then completely regenerated by the UPS, providing a clean, well-regulated source to your equipment, thereby eliminating power related problems. This solidstate generator sets the True Regenerative On-Line UPS apart from all other Line-interactive and Off-line designs, which leave your sensitive equipment connected directly to the dirty utility power 99+% of the time. If your equipment is operating in a “Mission Critical” application, then you need a True On-line UPS and the PersonalSource is the best choice in True On-line UPS technology.

Input Power Factor Correction

All PersonalSource Series models include state of the art Input Power Factor Correction. This greatly reduces the amount of current demanded from your building wiring system, yielding an efficient,  “building friendly” UPS.

Microprocessor Control

The PersonalSource UPS incorporates advanced microprocessor technology. This technology makes possible a high level of internal UPS control as well as system information, data logging, self-diagnostics, SNMP and enhanced computer communication through any RS-232 port.

SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Support

An optional SNMP/HTTP Agent board is available for direct installation into all PersonalSource models. The SNMP/HTTP Agent provides for direct connection of the UPS to any 10Base2 or 10BaseT Ethernet LAN.  

Overall, the PersonalSource Series is uniquely qualified for critical systems combining advanced modular design features with highly reliable construction.

Technical Specifications:









Nominal Voltage:

120 VAC

230 VAC

120 VAC

230 VAC

120 VAC

230 VAC

Voltage Range:

87-140 V

170-255 V

87-140 V

170-255 V

87-140 V

170-255 V

Current (max):

11 A

5.9 A

14 A

7.6 A

21 A

11.6 A


50/60 Hz ±5%



Power Factor:



VA Rating:

1500 VA

2000 VA

3000 VA


1050 W

1400 W

2100 W


110 VAC

220 VAC

110 VAC

220 VAC

110 VAC

220 VAC

115 VAC

230 VAC

115 VAC

230 VAC

115 VAC

230 VAC

120 VAC

240 VAC

120 VAC

240 VAC

120 VAC

240 VAC


50/60 Hz (auto tracking)

Voltage Regulation:


Frequency Stability:

±0.3% (Battery mode)

Step Load Change:

±7% for 100% load variation

Harmonic Distortion:

Linear Load            <3%
Non-linear Load     <5%


105% load for 50 seconds

Crest Ratio:



DC Voltage:

72 VDC

96 VDC


Maintenance Free, Valve Regulated, Sealed Lead Acid, Flame Retardant, Absorbed Electrolyte

Backup time:

Full Load
Half Load

11 minutes typical
30 minutes typical

7 minutes typical
20 minutes typical

5.5 minutes typical
15 minutes typical

Recharge Time:

8 Hours to 90%


Line Fails/Recovers:

Zero time – true online, no transfer for brownout or blackout

UPS - Bypass/Reverse:

<4 ms for bypass transfers

After Overload:

Auto Transfer to UPS

Audible Noise

@ 1 Meter

<55 dBA



Line, Inverter, Battery Reserve, Load, Bypass, Alarm, Crest, Battery & Load Capacity Level

Audible Alarms


DC Mode, Low Battery, Over/Under Voltage, Over/Under Frequency, High Temperature, Over Load, Alarm.



UPS industry style RS-232



0°C – 40°C (32°F – 104°F)


10% - 95% Non-condensing


Input Line Cord:
    120 VAC
    230 VAC

6 Foot Cord with
NEMA 5-15P Plug

6 Foot Cord with
NEMA 5-20P Plug

6 Foot Cord with
NEMA L5-30P Plug

6 Foot Cord with
“Schuko” Style Plug

6 Foot Cord with
“Schuko” Plug

6 Foot Cord with
“Schuko” Plug

Output Receptacles:
    120 VAC version
    230 VAC version

(6) NEMA 5-15R w/ cable restraints

(6) IEC320 w/ cable restraints


xx lbs (xx kg)

xx lbs. (xx kg)

xx lbs. (xx kg)

Dimensions:  inches
H x D x W  (mm)

5.25 (3U) x 26.0 x 19.0
(133 x 660 x 483)



UL, CUL, FCC Class A  (CE on specified models only)

ETI Rugged Power UPS are the proven Standard!

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