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Useful Site Resources including Links and FAQ


This page will contain Resources such as Tutorials and Application Notes on variousaspects of high reliability applications including:

  • Battery Technology
    Definition and Advantages of Battery Technology Used in ETI Products
  • Defense Programs ETI Supports
    A list of Defense Programs/Projects that use ETI Products
  • In-House Testing
    A listing of testing capabilities owned and operated by ETI in the design and manufacturing of its products.
  • Outside Testing
    A listing of outside testing capabilities and facilities used by ETI in the design and manufacturing of its products.
  • Power Glossary
    Definitions of Technical Terms Relating to Power Conditioning
  • Organizations
    List of Technical and Trade Organization Web Sites

  • DoD Links
    List of Defense Department Web Sites

  • US Navy Surface Ship Sites
    List of US Navy Surface Vessel Web Sites

  • US Navy Submarine Sites
    List of US Navy Submarine Web Sites

  • Renewable Energy
    Resource of Renewable Energy Web Sites

  • Description of Non-Linear loads and why they are different.

  • How to calculate total loads using amps, watts and power factor.
  • Definitions of separately derived source and grounding issues
  • EMI/RFI considerations
  • Harsh environment considerations
  • Definitions of EIA rack spacing
  • References to military and commercial standards
  • Environmental, temperature, altitude, humidity, shock, vibration, ESD, leakage


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