Move your mouse pointer over each area of interest for additional information as to its function. 

Close up view of Control Panel and LED Displays

  ON/OFF 100 G Shock Rated Double Pole Input Circuit Breaker. Shown in ON position. Elapsed Time Meter to record operational hours for maintenance purposes Input AC present and within nominal range UPS operational indicating system OK UPS Alarm LED and audible alarm indicating internal unit fault or major overload Low Battery LED and audible when battery is below preset alarm level Battery Voltage Bar Graph Meter indicator showing relative battery level Load Level Bar Graph Meter showing relative percent of load on UPS Overload LED and audible alarm when too much load applied Battleshort Switch to ENABLE override of thermal and interlock safeties. Shown in DISABLED position. Alarm Reset pushbutton to acknowledge alarms. Silences audible alarm and stops flashing of LEDs Individual Load Control Switches interface with interlocks to operate load relays. All shown in ON position. Alarm Disable Switch to inhibit secondary audible alarm from UPS. Shown in DISABLE position. Low Battery LED and audible alarm UPS operating from its batteries during AC power failure. Accompanied by audible alarm. Warm Temperature LED and audible alarm when preset point exceeded Hot Temperature LED and audible alarm when preset point exceeded. Followed by load shutdown unless Battleshort enabled. Battleshort LED and audible alarm when enabled Fan Fail LED and audible alarm when rack fans fails Load LEDs indicating when power is applied to each load circuit Fuse holder for UPS Input protection
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